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Shelterbags for the Homeless Sleeping Rough

Shelterbags for the Homeless Sleeping Rough

Why Shelterbags?

  • Increasing numbers of people, young and old, homeless and sleeping rough
  • Winter is obviously worst time of year – bedding becomes wet and unusable
  • Waste of donated resources – blankets, sleeping bags
  • Growing awareness in community of the homeless and their needs – CEO Sleepout / Sunday Mail Annual Blanket Appeal / Red Shield
  • Need for an immediate solution that offers shelter from the elements when sleeping rough

What are Shelterbags?

  • A lightweight, waterproof, vented swag
  • Includes mattress and padded hood
  • Easy to carry when rolled up (backpack size and weight)
  • Add sleeping bag or other bedding to suit seasonal conditions
  • Keeps bedding dry, provides warmth, and some dignity

What is the cost?

  • Currently $85 per bag (includes shipping)
  • Import them by the container load – 900 bags – through RC Terrigal

How are they distributed?

  • MOU with RC Terrigal in place to supply bags to RC Gawler Light for further distribution to other RCs and organisations as needed
  • Next container to be ordered by October 2023 ready for 2024 winter
  • RC Gawler Light and partner clubs to purchase around 300 bags for distribution in District 9510
  • RAWCS DGR Account has been established for tax deductible donations – see below for details

Project name: Shelterbags for the Homeless Sleeping Rough in South Australia

Project number: 80-2022-23

Link to Donation page https://donations.rawcs.com.au/80-2022-23

Scan to open RAWCS donation page

(Please note: To trace donations back to local RC, Non Rotary donors to identify local Rotary Club using Request field in donation page)

  • Rotary Clubs work together with outreach agencies and other community stakeholders in their own Local Government Area to assess individuals’ needs, monitor and control distribution
  • RC Gawler Light to supply other District 9510 clubs with required bags and either invoice clubs direct or access funds donated via RAWCS DGR account.
  • Shelterbags are provided to outreach agencies at no cost.


Contact person: Richard Tucker 0429 339 879

Email: [email protected]