Royal Rooster is the creation of a husband and wife team who believe that chickens are a must in every backyard!

Permaculture and backyard sustainability has long been a focus of ours and it was only logical that our desire to start a business also focused on an area that we are passionate about. A business manufacturing chicken coops also enabled us to combine our skills of engineering, design, inventing and marketing.

We began the business back in March 2008 in a humble 6 x 7m shed on our home property in Williamstown SA. Although we started our business at the time of the Global Financial Crisis, with young children and a PhD in Marketing to finish, we pushed on through and feel proud that we not only got through that hectic time but have grown a successful business.

We love that keeping chickens is now that much easier with our range of mobile chicken coops or chicken tractors as they are also called, and we can further encourage others to make their backyards productive!

Proudly Made in South Australia
Royal Rooster is now situated at it’s own custom built premises at 43 Theen Ave, Willaston in SA (1 hour north of Adelaide).