At Royal Finch, we’ve taken bird enclosures to the next level, with one of the best ranges of modern bird aviaries for sale in Australia. Our products combine innovative design and quality materials to take the hassle out of caring for your feathered friends, and ensure they are kept comfortable, safe and secure.

Our bird cages come in a variety of designs including hexagonal, large pavilion style, cage banks as well as a range of travel cages. All are made with strong aluminium frames and galvanised steel mesh. Powdercoating options are available.

Not many suppliers of bird cages offer the range or durabliity of Royal Finch. Whether you want a decorative cage that adds to the look of your backyard; or a basic cage for a small yard or patio; or a cage bank for an animal shelter or pet store – we can offer you the perfect product for your birds, your space and your lifestyle.

All cages combine robust, durable design with lightweight materials to ensure you receive a quality product that will stand the test of time.

Order your bird aviary online with Royal Finch today! Or, for more information on any of our cages, aviaries or cage banks, just call us on 1800 817 745 or 0410 375 686. We would love to help you decide on the right enclosure for your backyard!