At Play Therapy South Australia, we want all children to live the happiest, fullest lives they can! We can help this happen through Play Therapy!

We work with children aged 3-12 and specialise in anxiety, aggression, grief, loss and emotional problems. Our specialised playroom is located in Gawler.

A child’s natural mode of learning and expression is play. While adults may use counselling to help them through difficulties, children can struggle with such methods
as their cognitive abilities and verbal skills are still developing. Play Therapy recognises the healing potential in play and so is especially helpful for children.
Rather than focusing on talking, Play Therapy supports children’s healing through creative and experiential means,

Our practice is located in Gawler. I also visit schools, hospitals and homes where needed.

If you would like more information, would like to book an appointment or would like to invite me to your school – call or email!

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