When it comes to computers in the Gawler area, Michael Jacob is unique.
Not only was he the first in town to install commercial systems for others, he did it in his spare time from the back room of his Fashion business in Murray street Gawler!

And the computer business took off so successfully that eventually he sold the fashion business and set up on his own as Advanced Business Machines. Today he operates from conveniently located premises as mycomputerman in the arcade at the rear of the curtin shop with access from Murray and High streets and just across the road from the new TAFE campus.

Michael Jacob has been in business in Gawler virtually all his life, taking over Jacob’s Fashions from his late father Gordon. For many years he was at the forefront of town business and tourism promotion – serving as president of Gawler Chamber of Commerce for some years and contributing to the community through various groups and activities.

He started operating Advanced Computer Machines in 1988, but more recently has phased that name out in favour of mycomputerman, because to many people he is just that – “my computer man.”

His knowledge and understanding of computers was born out of a need to set up an easy-to-use computer system for Jacob’s Fashions. Michael dealt with a company which supplied Retail Management & Inventory control software “POSitive Retail Management” which he installed. He made it work well, then went to work for the company installing similar systems in other large and medium businesses all over Australia.

In this work Michael set up systems for companies like Angas & Coote (Goldmark), Betts & Betts, Radio Rentals, Oroton and Speed Shoes. Other organisations which used his expertise included the Australian War Memorial, Power House Museum and TAFE.

He installed computer systems and networks and trained people in using and operating them. When The Bunyip put away its typewriters and “hot metal” machines and joined the computer age it was Michael Jacob – the man just across the road – who installed the computers and networked them, merging the two sides of the business from editorial to production so that two separate banks of computers working with radically different programs could operate together to producer a newspaper.

It was and is a tailor-made system regularly upgraded, serviced and maintained by “my computer man,” Michael Jacob.
Today Michael has put his focus more on the Adelaide and northern suburbs region looking after the interests of customers in the local area with a service which is second to none. And that goes for small business with networked computers to personal computers in the home.

Local service, local support and back-up is the hallmark of mycomputerman.