Maxima is a not-for-profit employment services and training organisation with a 30-year history.

If you have a disability, injury or health condition, including mental illness, Maxima can help you get a job and keep it, for life!

We understand that when you’re looking for a job, Mondays can be tough. When the rest of the world is getting up, grabbing a coffee and going to work, it’s easy to feel stuck, without a destination.

Maxima is a leading Australian not for profit Disability Employment Services (DES) provider. This means that if you have a disability, injury or health condition, including mental illness we can help you get a job.

Get into the workforce sooner with Maxima, and learn to love Mondays again.

Our five-year strategic plan says a lot about our strengths and the things we care about:

  • closing the gap in Indigenous employment outcomes;
  • assisting people with injury, health condition or disability to gain and keep meaningful employment;
  • upskilling new entrants and existing workers; and
  • helping other disadvantaged minority groups to find their way into the workforce.

We are driven by a desire to make a real difference and are rewarded every day by the life-changing outcomes we create for many of our inspiring clients.

Our passion has made us a leading player in the Federal Government’s Disability Employment Services program, and consistently rated as one of the country’s top performers in achieving outcomes for job seekers.

Maxima is also a leader in helping the business community achieve Indigenous employment targets and build a stronger and more diverse workforce. We have 280 Indigenous trainees and apprentices placed with host employers, including national leaders such as Australia Post, Qantas and major banks.