The Hi Beam Car and Pet Wash on Adelaide Rd Gawler is helping you clean your pet or car in a no fuss, clean, safe and water efficient manner saving you money whilst caring for our environment and most precious natural resource, water.

There are two self serve Pet Washes for your convenience. They are both fully enclosed, undercover and fenced off so that you and your pet are safe at all times.

The units are all stainless steel, coin operated and feature temperature controlled warm water that your pet will not shy or run away from as it gently massages them whilst being washed.

Hand washing damages your car’s surface more than any other method.
The reason is that the surface dirt from the vehicle becomes lodged in the sponge and the action of hand washing rubs the dirt particles on the vehicles surface. This causes microscopic scratches which over time “dulls” the paint surface reducing gloss and shine.

Compared with washing your car at home, using the facilities on a modern car wash is environmently friendly as you use up 90% less water, the water is recycled and the chemicals are captured and treated rather than spilling into our drains and getting into our waterways!

We are open 7 days a week from 7:30am until 9pm. For your convenience. There are friendly attendants on site 7 days a week from 7:30am until 5pm weather permitting who are more than happy to assist you and make your experience as pleasurable as possible.