Your pets are a part of your family and, for many of you, a really important part of your daily lives. All of our staff members are pet owners/lovers themselves and so understand exactly where you’re coming from. From the first time you come in our front door, you’ll quickly recognize that commitment. As one client commented recently, after sitting in our waiting room for some test results, “I always thought I was the most important person in this clinic and that Tessa (her dog) was the most important pet until I noticed that everyone coming through the door had the same impression!!” Our vision is to have each and every client who comes to us to go away with the feeling that they’re the most important person in the world and that our mission in life is to look
after their particular pet!.

Gawler Animal Hospital is a Veterinary Surgeon’s Board Accredited Hospital (one of only twenty such hospitals in South Australia). Although this may not mean much to you, what’s really important is that meeting the standards to gain and maintain hospital status means we’re qualified to do a great job of looking after every aspect of your pets care! With our fantastic team of vets and nurses, you can be assured of a really high level of service when you bring your pets in for all their health-care needs.

There has always been a very friendly atmosphere at Gawler South and this translates to happy staff, happy clients and relaxed pets (we work really hard at this last bit)! Client service ranks very highly on our list of priorities and so you know you will be looked after just as well as your pets!

“To all the staff… your dedication to offering the best possible service is apparent from the very first visit. This is definitely a vet surgery with a difference, and a place where you all work together and really love your work!” – Narelle Picchianti

We’re often sent messages of thanks from grateful clients. Here are just a few we’ve kept for the records!

“There is real compassion and caring in all the staff and I know Jack really enjoyed seeing you all.” – Abby English
“Thank you all for your kind, wonderful care of our family!” – The Fidge family
“Thank you so much for all the love and care you have shown Peppa since the first time you treated her. She is truly not just a number to you – you genuinely care and it shows so much” – Lucy and ‘Peppa’!
“Thank you so much for the fantastic service you have given our family” – The Lunau family
“We would like to say a huge ‘thank you’ for saving our beautiful boy ‘Felix’ and for all of the special care you gave him and the patience you showed our family” – The Richardson family
“There was only one thing that outshone your absolute professionalism and that was the kindness and respect you gave to us” – John and Cathie Oldfield