I have a deep yearning to support others, especially young people who are facing struggles in their own life such as anxiety, stress and depression. My experience and personal growth as a classroom teacher, Inclusive Education Co-ordinator, Deputy Principal and Assistant Principal has enabled me to discover my passion, which is bringing inner peace to those I come in contact with. As an Early Childhood Educator I am aware of the importance to build relationships and trust with young people. I am a truly dedicated to the young people I teach and mindful of being in the present moment with them. I achieve this through the programs I offer:

Peaceful Kids – a program based on Mindfulness, Meditation and Positive Psychology to support young people lessen their symptoms of anxiety and stress.

Peaceful Parents – A parent program based on Mindfulness and Positive Psychology to increase resilience in both parents and their children. Peaceful Parents is a strength-based parenting 4 session workshop that is engaging, practical and supportive for parents/caregivers.

Girl Power – provides interactive well-being workshops for girls aged 7 – 12 yrs.
The Program’s mission is to foster a positive mindset, inner confidence and resilience in girls at a young age, before they embark on their teenage years and are exposed to the powerful world of social media. The workshops are based on positive psychology principles and delivered by way of fun, creative and engaging activities.

Individualised Staff Workshops – based on working with young people struggling with anxiety. These workshops can be designed to cater for the needs of individual group settings.