Since our first store opened in 2001, ALDI has played an important role in the Australian community. Each day, our operations improve the livelihoods of local businesses, create employment opportunities and deliver high quality products to Australian families at everyday low prices.

We have worked closely with Australian farmers, producers and manufacturers to establish long-term relationships. The majority of ALDI’s exclusive brands are sourced from Australian suppliers, and we only source products from overseas when we can’t find the product, quality, efficiency or innovation we seek, here in Australia.

Here are just some of the ways we proudly support local suppliers:

  • We provide more opportunities for Aussie farmers, reducing the stress of competition;
  • Our simplified processes make working with us as easy and efficient as possible, allowing suppliers more time to invest back into their businesses;
  • We provide security for many Australian manufacturers, with high-volume, timely and consistent orders helping their flow of income;
  • Our planned expansion into South Australia and Western Australia will result in increased volumes, as well as providing opportunities for new, local suppliers to partner with us.

Whether you’re buying food or non-food items, you can trust every one of our products is of the highest quality possible. And it’s all thanks to our measures that go beyond the Australian quality assurance standards.

We undertake independent testing on an ongoing basis to ensure all suppliers meet our own strict specifications. We also recognise the world leading Global Food Safety Initiative auditing standards and have achieved ‘green’ status for our Genetically Modified policy in Greenpeace’s True Food Guide. ALDI really is all about providing you with safe, quality items.