At Advantage Chiropractic our aim is to not only help you get out of any pain you may be experiencing  but to teach you how to protect your most precious asset, your health!

If you suffer from back pain, neck pain, headaches, stiffness, soreness or many of the other problems arising from daily life, chances are you would benefit greatly from chiropractic care. If you already feel fine, that’s great but we can show you how to maintain your health status and maximize your potential. Dr. Brien Thomas uses safe, gentle manual adjustment techniques but also offers drop piece and Activator for those who prefer different treatment styles.

At Advantage Chiropractic we not only work with you while you are in acute pain, we also help you prevent future problems by addressing underlying  factors allowing you to feel better and live better!

Dr. Brien Thomas first came to be interested in Chiropractic after witnessing the incredible results his father had with Chiropractic treatment following a devastating back injury.

Brien did his chiropractic training in Canada where he studied for 8 years, completing a 4 year undergraduate Bachelors degree and a 4 year Doctor of Chiropractic degree at CMCC in Toronto. In 2002 he visited Australia on a working holiday and fell in love with the country. During his first few years he travelled around Australia doing locums, and then in 2007 decided to practice full time in Gawler.

Brien is a strong proponent of an active lifestyle and regular chiropractic care to maintain an individual’s quality of life. With people living longer he feels it is imperative to preserve and protect your most precious asset, your health!

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