APM is Australia’s largest contracted provider of Disability Employment Services. We specialise in helping people overcome challenges to employment and find a secure job, whatever their circumstances.

Employment Services provides services to job seekers and employers on behalf of the Australian Government, which are designed to place people into meaningful employment.

We help our clients to become job ready and once employed, remain in employment. We assist employers to find the right employees at no cost to their business and support job seekers in their search for work.

As part of our Employment Services division we are proud providers of the Australian Government’s jobactive and Disability Employment Services programs. At any given time, we are working with approximately 40,000 job seekers through across Australia through these contracts.

A lot has happened since we started APM in 1994 and we owe a huge thanks to all the people who have contributed to APM’s shared achievements.

  • We’ve assisted close to one million people
  •  We’re helping people in more than 400 locations across Australia, New Zealand and the United Kingdom
  • We work with more than 2,000 Australian businesses to help their staff to return to work after injury or illness every year
  • We support more than 130,000 people annually
  • We’re the Australian Government’s largest provider of Disability Employment Services
  • We’re accredited and government approved to deliver return to work and preventative programs throughout Australia
  • We have more than 1,700 staff across Australia, New Zealand and the United Kingdom