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Home-based Business – General Information

Home-based Business – General Information

Are you a home-based business within the Town of Gawler Council area?

Not sure if you meet the requirements for a home-based business or just not sure if you need to apply for Council approval for your business?

The information provided below has been provided by the Town of Gawler.

A Home Business does not require Development Approval when its classified as a ‘home activity’, which means a use of a site by a person resident on the site—

a) that does not detrimentally affect the amenity of the locality or any part of the locality; and

b) that does not require or involve any of the following:

i. assistance by more than 1 person who is not a resident in the dwelling;

ii. use (whether temporarily or permanently) of a floor area exceeding 30 square metres;

iii. the imposition on the services provided by a public utility organisation of any demand or load greater than that which is ordinarily imposed by other users of the services in the locality;

iv. the display of goods in a window or about the dwelling or its curtilage;

v. the use of a vehicle exceeding 3 tonne tare in weight.

Where a home based business does not fall within the ambit above, a change in land use application is required.

Similarly, advertisement signs will require Development Approval, other than where they fall within the following:

The commencement of an advertising display containing an advertisement—

d) that is displayed for the purposes of identification, direction, warning or other information in relation to a detached, semi-detached, row or multiple dwelling or residential flat building, subject to the following conditions:

i. that the advertisement area is not more than 0.2 square metres; and

ii. that the advertising display—

A. does not move; and

B. does not flash; and

C. does not reflect light so as to be an undue distraction to motorists; and

D. is not internally illuminated; and

iii. that not more than 2 such advertisements are displayed in relation to the same building;

For further clarification on your specific home based business, please call Caren for a confidential discussion on 0488 440 588