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Location: Kingsford Hotel, 32 Murray St, Gawler SA 5118
  • Gawler & Surrounds Cycling Guide

    Cycling is becoming more and more popular. People are seeing the advantages of getting on a bike. In Australia, it was only a generation ago that people used bikes to get around, from students riding to school to people using bikes for general commuting. Over the last few decades there has been a shift away from bikes towards motor vehicles. With more motor vehicles on the road, people feel less safe on their bikes so opt to drive, so it becomes more and more difficult to ride. This guide was born out of the need to provide a guide to cycling in and around Gawler and the wider region. Its aim is to provide the information you need to plan your trips. In particular it has been designed with visitors to the region in mind. Thanks must firstly go to the Gawler Wheelers Cycling group. The majority of the routes […]

  • Parks & Playgrounds

    The natural environment features heavily in Gawler’s planning and settlement. There are many parks, gardens and reserves that provide a range of activities for visitors. Many of these open spaces are on Gawler’s river corridors making them picturesque locations for picnics. The lush green lawns, ample shaded areas, playgrounds, barbeques, recreational equipment and walking paths within Gawler’s parks, gardens and reserves make for a wonderful day out. Gawler’s Parks and Playgrounds inclulde: Apex Park Reserve Clonlea Park Dead Man’s Pass Reserve Elders Riggs Memorial Park Essex Park Reserve Gawler West Reserve Pioneer Park Princes Park …..and more Click on the image to visit the Town of Gawler website to see all parks and playgrounds and their locations and facilities.

  • Clonlea Reserve

    Clonlea Park is located on the banks of the North Para River at Willaston. The large recreation reserve is the perfect area to bring the family and friends to for a relaxing day out. Facilities include Skate Park, Playground, BBQ and Tennis. Open 7 days during daylight hours. View the Clonlea Park plan by clicking the image below