Zada Therapies was established in 2010 to provide exceptional massage services to residents in Gawler, Evanston, Willaston, Hewett and the surrounding Barossa Valley region.

We are confident that when you come to Zada Therapies you will not only receive a great massage and feel physically better, our strong customer focus and attention to detail will exceed your expectations, leaving you feeling better in body, mind and spirit.

At Zada Therapies we offer a range of massage services. Massage is a hands-on treatment that manipulates muscles and other soft tissue to promote health and wellbeing. It particularly influences the activity of the musculoskeletal, circulatory, lymphatic and nervous systems. Therapeutic touch helps both physically and mentally.

Physically it reduces pain and tension, promotes faster healing of soft tissue injury, increases flexibility and mobility, stimulates circulation, clears waste products via the lymphatic system and boosts the immune system. Mentally it promotes a calming effect, reduces anxiety and depression and enhances a feeling of well-being.