SPRINT will keep your motor runnin! Every Car. Every Part. Every Day.

SPRINT AUTO PARTS was established in 1984, SPRINT started out as a single auto parts store (SPRINT AUTO PARTS Ingle Farm – 189 Bridge Road) growing over the last 30 years to 40 stores. These stores are located throughout South Australia and some interstate.

Alternators, Laundry Detergent, Battery Products, Lighting & Globes, Bearings, Manifolds, Oils & Chemicals, Bolts & Nuts, Brushes/Kits, Car Care Products, Pressure Switches, Cable & Wire, Radiators, Engines, Filters, Radiator Parts, Clutch Parts, Clutch Assemblies, Refrigerant Gas, Compressors & Parts, Relays, Spark Plugs, Distributors & Coils, Switches, Drive Belts, Brake Parts, Brake Pads, Electrical Accessories, Engine Mounts & Brackets, Remanufactured Electronics, Fans, Tools, Fittings, Auto Fragrances, Fuel Pumps, Water Pumps, Power Steering Parts, Hose & Pipe, Hose Clamps, Shock Absorbers, Aerials, Driveshafts, Car Styling Accessories, Car Audio, Seatbelts, Engine Oil & Fuels System Additives, Workshop Equipment, Thermostats, Springs, Lubricants & Greases, Trailer Equipment & Accessories, Smartbars, Towing, and more….