Friendly counselling using palmreading, numerology, tarot and labyrinths.

Connecting to people from all walks of life who are seeking greater understanding about their life. I am a qualified counsellor.

My specialty is palm-reading. I have been doing it now for 25 years.

I also love doing numerology. For extra choice I can also do you a card reading. I like using the labyrinth to show you how you can reflect on your issues and find solutions, when you are ready to pursue them.

As a trained graphic designer I offer desktop publishing skills for businesses and individuals in creating business stationery, designing brochures and posters, illustration. Experienced since 1973. Am represented in the book “Latvian Artists in Australia” on p 42-43, published by ALMA in 2008.

Do readings in Adelaide’s seaside suburb of Birkenhead on Tuesdays, located at Birkenhead Tavern next to Port River 11.30am – 3.30pm.

You can also book private readings at a mutually agreed location.

I have experience entertaining at corporate functions. My agent is Bev Luff of Aardvark Entertainment down at Maslin Beach, SA.

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