We are an environmentally conscious South Australian brand that only uses the ingredients that nature has to offer.

Our aim is to offer luxurious NATURAL products that have been researched for their anti-aging and skin enhancement properties.

We believe what you put on your skin is the most important aspect of your well-being.

Your body is a living and breathing organ. In our products, we use botanicals not only to self- preserve them, but to also feel divine on the skin and body.

Preservatives used in many cosmetics today consist of synthetic ingredients most commonly associated with skin irritation.

Many companies claim their products are natural, however, quite the opposite is revealed when reading the labels.Why would you want harmful,synthetic products being absorbed by your skin when Mother Nature can provide a safer option?

Our MISSION is to increase the awareness of natural, organic products that are not tested on animals.

Our PASSION is to produce cosmetics free of synthetic ingredients and to incorporate a unique formulation with natural products that have no harsh chemicals and are certified organic and vegan friendly.

Josephina Skin Essentials skincare for a greener future.

Let’s go back to basics and turn back time the way Mother Nature intended.

Josephina Skin Essentials products come with a 100%, 15-day satisfaction guarantee.(conditions apply).

Josephina Skin Essentials products are 100% Australian made.

Josephina Skin Essentials contain:

NO Sodium Laural Sulphate
NO Mineral Oils or Petroleum
NO Artificial Fragrances or Colours
NO Harmful Detergents
NO Parabens
NO Harmful Chemicals
NO Propylene Glycol

Our Packages are recyclable.

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