We are Fair Work and Safety Specialists who work with the hospitality industry including restaurants, cafes, bars, bistros and hotels. We also have experience with many other SME industries including Accounting, Transport and Horticulture. We have clients with as few as two employees, and others with as many as seventy.

How we provide Fair Work and Safety support to our clients is simple, we do three things:

1. Bundles for small and medium business that support Fair Work and Safety Compliance. Each bundle comes with: Employment Contracts, Policies and Procedures, HR & Safety Software, Fair Work & Safety help and advice line and a 12 month health check.

2. Presentations and webinars by strategic alliance partners who are: HR & Safety software providers, Psychologists, National Mental Health experts, Qualified and certified ergonomists, Fair Work and Safety experts. We do not use sales reps to host or provide Fair Work or Safety presentations or advice.

3. Employer round tables (coming soon).