Overcome anxiety, lose weight and find emotional balance with a hypnosis and energetic healing program tailored to your needs.
As an experienced hypnotist and health coach, Lucy Butler, founder of Head to Heart Health is determined to help working mums go from unsatisfied, exhausted and overwhelmed to calm, energetic and living a life they love.
She can help you
-lose weight and have more energy
-reduce stress and anxiety and calm your mind
-improve your relationship to yourself and others
-become a calm, conscious parent
-Increase satisfaction in all areas of life
-stop addictions or dependency and have more freedom

Lucy is experienced in Neuro Linguistic Programming, Hypnosis, Time Line Therapy, Reiki, Access Consciousness Bars and Facelift and Health Coaching.

Ways that you can work with Lucy include
1-hour Embodiment Session
1-hour Personal Bars/Reiki/Facelift Session
3-week Energy Bundle
6-week Healing Journey Program
One-Day Access Bars Practitioner Training
All programs and sessions are intuitively guided and tailored to what you require.

These healing arts combine to create a holistic practice that helps you heal on all levels, physical, emotional, mental and soul.

Teaching you that through choosing love over fear, embodiment, alignment with yourself and your purpose, being in allowance and receiving all the universe has to offer. You’ll discover a life of freedom, ease, joy and grace.
Which is something Lucy has found herself. Going from a frustrated, perfectionist, hanging on the edge of burnout and choosing all the wrong relationships to a happy, calm and energetic health coach in the relationship of her dreams.

Whether you want to learn tools to help yourself, your family or your business, Lucy at Head to Heart Health would love to walk alongside you as you learn to take a wholehearted approach to life and living.