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Restaurants, cafes, take-away, catering, dine-in, alfresco, breakfast, lunch, dinner and desserts. Cuisine from around Australia and the world available in and around Gawler.

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At Wendys we are experts at making your day with our yummy products

Scoop Ice Cream Ice cream is one of life’s simple pleasures… and there’s always a good reason to treat yourself to a scoop (or more!) from Wendy’s Milk Bar. Have it in a cone, waffle cone, cup or even on top of one of our delicious MegaShakes. And…

Seafood, hamburgers, hot digs, steak sandwich, yiros and more.

Catering Available for All Occasions! Fish- Butter Fish, Garfish, Whiting & Barramundi Chips- Small, Med, Large & Family Homemade Salads- Coleslaw, Potato, Pasta, Tabouli Greek & Seafood Seafood Packs- Fish Pack for 1- 1 Butter Fish,…

Dining, Functions, Fox HD, Kids Playground, Gaming

The Willaston Hotel in Willaston is located in Adelaide’s Northern Suburbs. Situated on Main North Road, we offer an array of facilities and entertainment areas for everyone to enjoy. For customers looking for something to eat, make sure you…

Zambrero is Mexican with a Mission. A healthy Mexican restaurant and humanitarian enterprise committed to tackling world hunger. Since being formed in 2005 by Dr. Sam Prince, millions of meals have been provided to those living in poverty around the…

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