Jazz Festival Launch Friday 3rd November 2017

Posted on October 5, 2017

Gawler Jazz Festival 2017

Posted on October 5, 2017


2017 Gawler Jazz Festival

Posted on July 25, 2017

The 2017 Gawler Jazz Festival planning is underway. It will be held on Saturday 4th and Sunday 5th November, throughout various venues in the Town of Gawler. If you are a venue that is interested in hosting a jazz performer/band over the weekend, or a jazz artist/band who is interested in participating, please contact us now.

2017 Gawler Small Business Expo

Posted on July 24, 2017

The Inaugural Gawler Small Business Expo, organised and presented by the Gawler Business Development Group, was held on Wednesday 17th May 2017. With 53 small businesses and Government departments represented, the purpose of the event was met with the venue buzzing all day with the sounds of people networking, keynote speakers sharing useful information and humorous stories.

The 2017 keynote speakers included: John Chapman the Small Business Commissioner of South Australia, Glenn Cooper of Coopers Brewery, Paul Vasileff of Paolo Sebastian, William Ehmcke of Snaploader, Chris Gregory of nbn co, Liz Holland-Clarke of Fox Holland, Kasey Aplin of Energetic Master of Habit Change, Philip Arnfield of Build a Better, Ali Uren of Kiik Start and Adnan Zubcevic of Commercial Property Centre.

The 2018 event promises to be even better with expressions of interest being taken now. To register contact or call 0488 440 588

Fringe Festival Competition

Posted on February 14, 2017


CAFE NOVA – 19 Murray St

JUST DESSERTS CAFE – Shop 1/40 Murray St



TASTE ON MAIN – Shop 2/95 Murray St




Programs to support local small businesses launched today

Posted on January 31, 2017

Programs to promote start-up businesses, increase the profitability of small businesses and mentor and support young northern entrepreneurs in the Gawler and Hewett areas were launched today.

The programs are the result of a partnership between the Stretton Centre at Playford Alive, the Gawler Businesses Development Group and Business SA.

Business SA will provide a range of complementary programs to generate economic activity in the local area.

A State Government Grant designed to create new job opportunities in the north in response to the closure of Holden, has made the program possible.

Local Member of Parliament, Mr Tony Piccolo, who successfully lobbied for the grant to help generate new economic activity, said the partnership between the three organisations will help small businesses grow.

The Business SA Northern Entrepreneurial Scheme 12 month program is modelled on the popular SAYES Program and aims to give our northern entrepreneurs 18 years and over, the skills to take a business idea and make it a reality.

Business SA’s Kerry Sutton said with the guidance of industry experts and their own experienced mentor, participants will gain an understanding of leadership, finance, marketing and human resources – all the essentials to launch and run a successful and sustainable business.

“Aspiring business owners will leave the course armed with a comprehensive, fully-formed business plan, ready to conquer the world, all fully funded,” said Ms Sutton. Phillip Arnfield from Build a Better Business will facilitate the Gawler Business Development Group program designed to grow businesses, no matter how small, by improving their profitability.

Lindy Hunt & Leigh Parsons, Directors of Adelaide Retaining Walls Pty Ltd, who completed an earlier version of the program, said the training empowered them to create change.

“We began to focus more on what makes the business profitable rather than just winning the next sale, and we learnt how to make ourselves accountable, “said Lindy Hunt.

“We have always known what we wanted the business to be like, but prior to doing this program we lacked a system that made us accountable to the vision we had for the business,” added Leigh Parsons.
Tony Piccolo MP

Stretton Centre Manager, Mr Dermot Cussen said the Home to Curated Office Environment initiative provides home-based businesses with the opportunity to operate from the Stretton Centre’s co-working office floor.

“In addition to receiving one to one business mentoring, successful applicants will benefit from working alongside and learning from other small businesses,” said Mr Cussen.

“Here at the Stretton Centre, it’s been great to see our Co-Workers grow within our curated office environment and employ new staff.

“Two examples include BT Group, a dynamic and innovative electrical contracting business and Sail & Swan, which produces bespoke, wedding stationery for national and international markets.

“BT Group currently employs four electricians, three apprentices and office staff, four of whom have been employed since July. In September Sail & Swan commenced its first employee,” added Mr Cussen.

Mr Piccolo encourages all local small businesses, and in particular young entrepreneurs, to go online and read the guidelines and application forms to see if they eligible to apply.

Guidelines and application forms for the various programs can be found at

Launching the NEGP at Stretton Centre

Business Newsletter January 18th 2017

Posted on January 18, 2017

Stay abreast of all the news and upcoming events for Gawler businesses by reading the January 18th, 2017 Newsletter HERE

Home-based Business – General Information

Posted on November 29, 2016

Are you a home-based business within the Town of Gawler Council area?

Not sure if you meet the requirements for a home-based business or just not sure if you need to apply for Council approval for your business?


The information provided below has been provided by the Town of Gawler.

A Home Business does not require Development Approval when its classified as a ‘home activity’, which means a use of a site by a person resident on the site—

a)    that does not detrimentally affect the amenity of the locality or any part of the locality; and

b)    that does not require or involve any of the following:

                      i.        assistance by more than 1 person who is not a resident in the dwelling;

                     ii.        use (whether temporarily or permanently) of a floor area exceeding 30 square metres;

                    iii.        the imposition on the services provided by a public utility organisation of any demand or load greater than that which is ordinarily imposed by other users of the services in the locality;

                   iv.        the display of goods in a window or about the dwelling or its curtilage;

                     v.        the use of a vehicle exceeding 3 tonne tare in weight.


Where a home based business does not fall within the ambit above, a change in land use application is required.

Similarly, advertisement signs will require Development Approval, other than where they fall within the following:

The commencement of an advertising display containing an advertisement—

d)    that is displayed for the purposes of identification, direction, warning or other information in relation to a detached, semi-detached, row or multiple dwelling or residential flat building, subject to the following conditions:

                      i.        that the advertisement area is not more than 0.2 square metres; and

                     ii.        that the advertising display—

A.                does not move; and

B.                does not flash; and

C.               does not reflect light so as to be an undue distraction to motorists; and

D.               is not internally illuminated; and

                    iii.        that not more than 2 such advertisements are displayed in relation to the same building;

For further clarification on your specific home based business, please call Caren for a confidential discussion

0488 440 588

Gawler Jazz Festival Media Release – South Aussie with Cosi 23rd September 2016

Posted on September 23, 2016

Catch all the action on the 2015 Jazz Festival tonight on Channel 9 at 8pm to get a taste of what this years Festival will be like.


Summer Business and Entrepreneurship Program for Gifted Children

Posted on August 10, 2016

So very pleased to hear about our younger generations researching how to start a business. The students involved in this program are interested in launching, owning and managing their own companies and brands.  They have been very excited about coming up with creative ways to market themselves and their ideas. The students are hoping to use community outreach to expand their own companies in the future.

One of the kids, Nick, did some research on his own to figure out how to attract new consumers and organizations interested in supporting, investing, and buying from a new business. He shared this resource article with us and it is well worth a read. Well done Nick!



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